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"Mark Pinner looks behind the myths about public affairs in China"
Why Interel?
"Guanxi in China. How to get things done."
"Stay grounded or be grounded – crisis communi-cations in China"
Video – Mark Pinner explains why Interel is opening an office in China.
Interel’s Global Partnershipin 45 countries
Li Lu, Senior Advisor at Interel Beijing on China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: Regulators & Resolution
Winston Chen, Interel senior advisor and former state official talks about Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Protest”.
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China’s Anti-Monopoly Law: Regulators & Resolution

With high-profile raids hitting international companies in China whether from the EU, US or Japan, China’s recent high-profile enforcement of the Anti-Monopoly Law is raising the eyebrows of the international business community in China and around the world.

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Stay Grounded or Be Grounded: Managing a Runaway Crisis in China

China’s recent spate of commercial, legal cases, which has snagged Qualcomm, Accenture and Audi among a growing list of international firms, serves as a reminder of the complex cocktail of risk served up at the business world’s most popular happy hour.

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‘Guanxi’ in China: How to Build Contacts and Get Things Done

If you've thought about entering the Chinese market you've probably heard about the importance of connections, contacts and how they enable relationships in business and in daily life.

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Hong Kong and the Umbrella protest

The umbrella protest has been underway in Hong Kong for some weeks now. Is the main driver for change the way that the next CEO is to be elected or are there deeper more fundamental causes?

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What is Public Affairs in China?

The idea of communicating and collaborating with the Chinese government can scare away even the most seasoned of public affairs professionals in western countries, not to mention the average businesspeople.

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